Are you a proud commercial building owner who is contemplating power washing to give your building a new look? Commercial power washing improves a business’s curb appeal and brand image, presents professionalism, which helps to bring in more business. But, how to decide what type of cleaning best suits your commercial property?

There are different options when it comes to cleaning methods. You can soft wash, pressure wash, or power wash your building. Which would be best for your commercial property? Our trained technicians are at your service to give you their professional opinion. They can advice you on what cleaning method would be best for your property.

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Should You Soft Wash, Power Wash, or Pressure Wash?

Soft wash employs water at a gentle pressure and a cleaning solution. The water pressure is similar to the gentle pressure employed by a garden hose. Soft wash comes in handy when you need fragile areas like roofs, sidings, patio decks, and fences cleaned with care. In soft washing, the high pressure used in the other cleaning methods is switched out for a strong cleaning solution. The soft wash solution kills the algae, moss, and lichen on the property. Hence, soft washing prevents damage to the sensitive areas of your property while still effectively cleaning them.

Soft Washing

Pressure washing involves directing a jet of water under high pressure onto the surface that needs cleaning. This stream of water sprayed at high pressure easily dislodges any stuck debris or dirt and washes them away.

In pressure washing, you don’t have much control over the amount of pressure you exert. And that’s because the pressure washing nozzle has only a single tip. But, power washing strikes the perfect balance between pressure wash and soft wash.

What’s Power Washing?

Power washing is the cleaning method that uses a stream of hot water under high pressure. And this hot water is forcefully sprayed onto a surface to be cleaned. Pressurized hot water, sprayed from a nozzle with multiple tips, clean away dirt, grime, grease, mold, mildew, and algae.

Since the power washing nozzle has several tips, you can control the amount of pressure. Our trained technicians select which tip to spray from and control the pressure exerted. Our team determines this by assessing the type of surface that needs to be cleaned. And the severity of the dust or grime build-up is also taken into account.

Benefits of Power Washing Commercial Buildings:

Commercial building power washing is not just for cosmetic purposes. Power washing also increases the longevity of your structure. Benefits of commercial building power washing include:

  • Long-time accumulation of substances like dirt, mold, mildew, or even bird droppings is common on commercial buildings. Such substances have the potential to cause your building to rust or decay. Power washing removes them all.
  • Power washing also removes moss and algae. This tends to grow in the moist areas of your building that don’t receive much sun. Overgrown algae and moss can react with the construction materials and produce acids that can damage tiles and paint. It can also weigh down roofs and cause the roof surface to deteriorate. These microorganisms cause unsightly stains on the building’s exterior and can threaten the building’s structural stability over time. Therefore, removing the algae by power washing regularly should be a priority.
  • Buildings in industrial areas tend to have harmful films of toxic fumes and pollutants covering them. This can be washed away with power washing.
  • Power washing your building before a painting job is extremely beneficial. By power washing beforehand, you won’t have to paint over algae, moss, dust, debris, and grime.
  • Also, power washing provides an allergen-free and safe work environment for your employees. Power washing your commercial building can prevent accidents such as slipping and falling due to debris or grease.
Commercial power washing is being done on a wall
Power washing on Walls

How is Power Washing Done?

Power washing involves three stages of cleaning, and Dynamic Mobile Wash’s trained professionals follow them meticulously.

  1. Assessment
  • Our experienced technicians take a walk-through to assess the building.
  • We make note of any areas that would need extra time and attention. We also note down the structurally fragile areas that need to be cleaned with less pressure. And areas susceptible to heat damage are also noted down. Such areas need to be handled carefully or avoided altogether.
  • After the building assessment, we determine how long it will take us to power your property and the amount of cleaning required, and which cleaning solution will be most effective.From there we are able to establish a timeline.

2. Power Washing

The actual process of power washing in itself is both an art and science that our skilled technicians have mastered over their years of experience.

  • We start to power wash from the top of the building and slowly work our way down, always mindful of places susceptible to heat damage.
  • We spend more time in areas where the grime, algae growth, or mold is more severe.
  • Whatever solution we use to clean, we rinse off quickly so the suds don’t dry and leave a film on the surface.
  • We move the hot water slowly and evenly from one side to other while working our way from the top of the building to the bottom. These slow, even movements ensure uniform and even cleaning throughout the building exterior.

3. Post-cleaning

Post-cleaning operations are just as important as the assessment and cleaning stages.

  • Similar to the walk-through we perform during the assessment stage, we finish with another walk-through post-cleaning.

Don’t Power Wash Only Your Building

Commercial buildings alone do not represent your brand. Other outdoor areas such as your parking lot, fence, deck, and other outdoor sections also reflect your brand image. If you have trucks and a fleet that spend most of their time on the road, you should also have those cleaned with power washing!

At Dynamic Mobile Wash, we’re not able to power wash your commercial buildings, but your surrounding areas as well.

Commercial power washing result on a white fence
Dynamic Mobile Wash’s results

When is the Perfect Time to Power Wash?

There is no time like the present. Having said that, there are some ideal times that work better than others:

  • Cleaning at the beginning of spring to wash away the winter dirt and grime
  • Cleaning during summer to facilitate easy and faster cleaning, due to the outdoor heat

Yes, we’re able to power wash during the winter, too! We have special equipment and solutions that make power washing in winter effective and hassle-free.

Why Hire A Professional to Take Care of Your Power Washing Needs?

Power washing might look simple, but it is a job for professionals. This can be a potentially dangerous job if you don’t have the experience or knowledge in the industry.

Power washing requires very hot water. Accidental exposure to water at such high temperatures and high pressure can cause injuries or burns. Professionals are equipped with suitable protective gear and have training using the equipment.

Choosing the most effective water pressure level takes skill and experience. A professional also knows the proper cleaning solutions and what surfaces to power wash. Our technicians are equipped to make such informed decisions and will efficiently clean your property.

Power washing requires skill, training, and patience. It is always a good idea to hire professionals to complete the important and delicate job of safely cleaning your commercial property. At Dynamic Mobile Wash we are committed to completing power washing jobs safely and efficiently. If your commercial building looks dull, pick up the phone and call us to breathe new life into your property.